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The Annual Ride for Missing Children Mohawk Valley will be held on Friday, June 7, 2024. This annual cycling event promotes awareness and hope in the plight of missing and exploited children across the country. 

In 1995, a courageous group of seven men embarked on a transformative journey, pedaling their bicycles from Utica, NY, to the heart of Washington, D.C. Their arrival on the Capitol steps on May 25th marked the inaugural National Missing Children's Day, setting the stage for a powerful movement.

Two years later, 43 riders pedaled 100 miles from Albany, NY, to Utica, NY. Their tireless efforts symbolized an unyielding belief that hope for the lost is a beacon that should never be extinguished. Thus, the first Ride for Missing Children was born.

This noble undertaking has flourished over the past 29 years, uniting countless riders, volunteers, benefactors, and supporters. Among them are family members of missing children, contributing to the shared vision of "Making Our Children Safer... One Child At a Time."

This year, on Friday, June 7, at 7:50 am, the Ride commences from Sauquoit Valley Elementary School, embarking on an 83-mile journey. Throughout the day, riders make meaningful stops at various schools, including Mt. Markham Elementary School, Gregory B. Jarvis Middle School, West Canada Valley Junior Senior High School, Holland Patent Middle School, and New Hartford High School. Their purpose extends beyond cycling—they share vital safety messages with students, fostering a community of awareness and vigilance.

The Ride weaves through numerous schools, punctuated by special moments and tributes for families of missing and exploited children, as well as law enforcement. Spectators are not merely observers; they are encouraged to join the chorus of support throughout the day, especially as the journey culminates. 

For the best vantage point, line Genesee Street in New Hartford as the cyclists make their way to the New Hartford Recreation Center at approximately 5:22 pm. This inclusive event is open to the public, inviting all to be a part of this powerful movement.

More than a cycling event, the Ride is the principal annual fundraiser for the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children - New York. Between 10,000 and 17,000 posters are distributed weekly, strategically saturating locations where children and abductors might be encountered.

To participate in the Ride for Missing Children, riders make a solemn vow—not only to honor the memory of all missing children and raise awareness but also to raise a minimum of $300. These funds contribute to distributing posters for missing children and community education, reinforcing the commitment to safeguarding our children.

To register, for more information on the Ride, or to donate, visit

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